Clever investieren

Invest clever with Bafa subsidy

For Höcker Polytechnik customers, investing cleverly and at a reduced price with state subsidies has never been so easy. The new investment in energy-efficient technology is promoted as well as the exchange of energy-consuming old appliances for energy-efficient modern products.

We at Höcker Polytechnik are focused on saving energy. Since August 2016 our energy management system is certified according to ISO 50001. Our energy management knowledge grows daily and we incorporate this know-how into production optimizations and new products.

We reduce your energy consumption:

  • Energy-sensitive project management and planning
  • PLC control with integrated energy saving features
  • Products with reduced energy consumption
  • Systems in which the interplay of planning, control and products delivers maximum productivity with minimum energy consumption.

Our commitment to energy-efficient solutions is not only good for the environment, it also significantly reduces your energy costs. And thanks to Bafa subsidies, the investment sum can also be reduced considerably.

Talk to your Höcker consultants about the existing funding opportunities. Energy efficiency pays off!